30 Years Of Experience For Wills And Successions

Estate planning is something everyone needs to do. Even if you believe you do not have an elaborate estate, assembling a will and any other documents necessary to settle your affairs can provide clarity for your financial future and is a great favor to your heirs. A coherent estate plan can greatly ease the stress placed on your heirs and can prevent the substantial legal problems that often follow a lack of planning.

A Will Forms The Foundation To Your Estate Plan

A well-drafted last will and testament is an important document. McCollister, McCleary & Fazio APLC has decades of experience handling these matters, from creating a will to dealing with the complexities of a succession.

A valid will conveys to a court your intentions for your property and can prevent the uncertainty that often leads to expensive and self-defeating litigation. When litigation develops around an estate, much of the value of the property can be consumed by court and attorney fees.

Out-Of-State Residents And Succession

We also can assist out-of-state family who must deal with a succession in Louisiana. If there are assets in Louisiana, you want an attorney experienced with estate law issues. We have assisted many families with these matters.

Do You Really Need A Trust?

If you are interested in estate planning, you likely have seen marketing that promotes various types of trusts designed to eliminate probate, save on taxes and anything else the marketing folks can think of. Do you need a trust? Our attorney can review your situation and finances and help you determine if a trust would be helpful, but you may find that it is unnecessary.

We have helped clients with variety of estate planning needs. Our more than 30 years of experience provides you with a depth and breadth of knowledge that ensures you obtain a plan that serves your best interests, rather than simply generating revenue for a speaker at an estate planning seminar. Additionally, a generic trust product developed elsewhere may not work well in Louisiana. We also can help you draft any necessary powers of attorney.

Complications From Successions

During succession (probate), we often encounter difficulty when there are multiple co-owners. When real estate passes to children, they become co-owners. Absent prior agreement, the co-owners must unanimously agree to all decisions regarding a property.

This can tie up the final disposition of property and the estate for months or years. In some cases, where past property transfers were not well-documented, investigation during the succession may produce many co-owners. Obtaining the assent of three or four relatives can be difficult; when the number is 15 or 20, it can be paralyzing. We can work to help prevent this situation.

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