Commercial Litigation Representation For Businesses

With any transaction, litigation is never a goal. But sometimes it becomes necessary and the only means of reaching your objective. Contracts form the basis of most business deals, and the quality and thoughtfulness of the contract can influence the likelihood of a breach of contract or commercial litigation developing.

At McCollister, McCleary & Fazio APLC, our attorney’s more than 30 years of commercial transaction and litigation experience means we understand the potential risks and rewards of any litigation. We can provide the advice you need to resolve your disputes in a cost-effective manner.

Counsel And Advice

Because we have worked on numerous transactions during the last three decades and have participated in various types of commercial disputes, we understand what goes into a well-drafted contract and the elements necessary for successful litigation involving a contract dispute.

Clients often come to us for advice and counsel, relying on our wealth of experience gained from working with all manner of clients in Louisiana. We can answer questions about contract law, review documents and contracts, and provide the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions. We can help you decide if you really did obtain a good deal and the explain actions you can take if you conclude you did not.

Homeowners Association Disputes

With the real estate focus of our firm, we have become adept at handling disputes involving homeowners associations (HOA) and the owners of individual properties. HOA agreements are often complex, and disputes may arise regarding various elements, ranging from an owner’s failure to make dues payments to more complex issues of covenant violations. We have experience both prosecuting enforcement actions on behalf of HOAs and defending individual owners.

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