Collections, Administrative Law and Estate Planning

Versatile lawyers handle variety of legal areas

The extensive varied experience of McCollister, McCleary & Fazio APLC enables them to provide high-quality legal services in a broad range of commercial areas:

  • Collections
  • Administrative law
  • Insurance guaranty association law
  • Commercial litigation
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance defense
  • Labor law


Collections is an area of specialization for McCollister, McCleary & Fazio APLC. The firm handles all types of collection matters in state and federal courts. Experienced staff members are always available to collection clients to discuss any account, no matter how large or small. The fee schedules for these services are tailored to fit any business depending on its account volume, business needs and expectations.  The firm also handles foreclosure proceedings in Louisiana at competitive rates based upon the number of referrals. Executory process foreclosure in Louisiana is more specialized than in other states. The law firm has a system in place to ensure that foreclosures are conducted in an efficient, cost-effective manner with predictable results. 

Administrative law

This law firm has defended governmental agencies in Louisiana on all types of tort and contract claims, including administrative proceedings pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act.  It also offers consultation services to non-governmental agency entities dealing with these procedures and governmental bureaucracies.

Insurance guaranty association law

When a property and casualty insurer is declared insolvent, this declaration triggers insurance guaranty association laws in the states where the insolvent company did business. Insurance guaranty association laws are generally based on specialized statutes with which the firm of McCollister, McCleary & Fazio has extensive experience.  The firm has represented the Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association for more than ten years, including eight years as its general counsel. The firm's experience in this area enables its attorneys to consult with insureds and represent out-of-state guaranty associations with respect to these issues in Louisiana. 

Estate planning and successions

McCollister, McCleary & Fazio APLC can assist clients in preparing wills and trusts. The firm has extensive experience in Louisiana probate proceedings, including contested probate and all other probate issues, both simple and complex.

Insurance defense

The law firm of McCollister, McCleary & Fazio APLC represents insurance companies in the defense of property and casualty liability claims in state and federal court, including auto liability, general liability, employee benefit liability, premises liability, workers compensation and professional malpractice.  The firm is experienced both as coverage counsel and defense counsel in contested litigation. The need for insurance defense has grown in recent years due to rising claims stemming from national events.  The firm offers insurance defense services at competitive rates.

Labor law 

The attorneys at McCollister, McCleary & Fazio APLC have experience with major claims against governmental employers under the Fair Labor Standards Act in federal and state courts.  They advise businesses about compliance with federal and Louisiana laws as well as advising on compliance with anti-discrimination laws in Louisiana and under federal law.

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